BUMI Ganesa (BUMG) is a agriculture company which using System of Rice Intensification Organic Method. Now, ABG concentrates to be the most organic rice producer.


It came from nationalism and social sense about Indonesian condition and suffered Indonesian farmer. Therefore, there are must any one who concern, care, and commit to change its better. As an alumnae from one of big University in Indonesia, we choose this way. Indonesia agricultural must be developed properly.

We established the company first time, called Agro Olen Sejahtera, called AOS, at November 10th 2006, then we changed our company name with BUMI Ganesa, called BUMG, at October 31th 2008. AOS and BUMG was established by three man who alumnae of Bandung Institute of Technology, they are Bustanul Mulyawan, and Nurhadi Sukma W. We have same visions and goals, are building agriculture sector in Indonesia and developing it to be innovative and competitive company in the world.

Our Vision : To be Healthy and Welfare Indonesia.

Our Mission :

  1. Supporting to create healthy living environmental, with using organic/natural fertilizer and organic /natural pesticides.
  2. Increasing farmer welfare
  3. Increasing rice quality, with producing healthy organic rice
  4. Supporting to create national food endurance.

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