Several of our organic rice consumer is hospital. Most of them locate in Java island.  RS Holistic

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Based on Research of Maastricht Ageing Netherland, it summarizes that chemical substances and pesticides in food we ate daily could damages our intelligence (cognitive dis-function), such as hard to spell, read, write, compare color, and speak (629 of 830 pesticide infected respondents). The more dangerous is risk of brain damaged are getting bigger than before. For female, pesticide could be a reason of breast cancer.

France and Argentine health expert explains that male who infected by pesticide has high probability of reproduction problem. Based on research, pesticide and synthetic chemical could decreases amount of male sperm production. The symptom will increase level of male infertility.

Therefore, let’s do healthy life with consuming food which free pesticide and synthetic chemical, and organic rice is the answer.

Organic Rice Mr OLEN is free pesticide, synthetic chemical fertilizer, and other additive chemical. It’s made by excellent local seed. Mr OLEN has been certificated by PT Superintending Company of Indonesia (Sucofindo), Laboratory of Balai Besar Penelitian Veteriner Agriculture Department of Indonesia Government, Healthy Department of Indonesia Government, and Pusat Penelitian Sumber Daya Hayati dan Bioteknologi Bogor Institute of Agriculture.

BUMI Ganesa owns and operates a highly flexible line for co-packing dry ingredients. We can pack products in various different sizes and materials, from 4 oz packs all the way up to 25 lb bags.

We have low minimums to allow for smaller packaging runs as well.

Please contact us to discuss your specific packaging requirements of organic rice and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Organic rice uses non-hybrid seed which has special quality, called local seed, such as pandan wangi, menthik wangi, sintanur cianjur, brown rice, and black rice. It’s result healthy product. In the other side, hybrid seed is made by modifying its genetic, called transgenic seed or Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). In world of health, GMO is a dangerous product for human being.

So, what are you waiting for? Take care yourself and your family from un-healthy product. Consume organic rice right now.

One of negative impact from synthetic chemical fertilizer is It could damages soil and environment. Soil could be very solid at dry season, and be very sticky at rainy season. While, pesticides (insecticide, fungicide, herbicide) could damages animal habitat and food chain in nature. In the other side, compost/organic fertilizer can apart soil pore, therefore It could enlarge positive subtances availability in soil and hold water in long term period.

Organic rice has glutinous taste comparing with common rice. It is long lasting and preservable. While, aromatic organic rice such as menthik wangi, pandan wangi, and sintanur cianjur, has natural aromatic smell.

Conventional Rice is one of the foods with the highest levels of pesticides or a concentration of some of the most dangerous pesticides and is therefore one we should eat organic only.  This is especially true since rice is well loved by children.

Don’t just make plain old rice – try some great new recipes with rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. And organic rice is the answer.

Brown Rice (organic rice) is rice which has a lot of fiber and natural oil. It can prevent several digest diseases and increase brain development and decrease blood cholesterol. Beside that, organic brown rice has more vitamins and minerals than white rice. Organic brown rice contents tiamin (vitamin B1) which require to prevent beri-beri (a kind of bone disease) on baby. Organic Brown Rice has more iron substances than the other. Energy value of organic brown rice is more than white rice (349 kal : 353 kal). The other vitamin in organic brown rice is selenium. Many researches and experters said that selenium could prevent cancer disease and other degenerative.

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